In Facility Manners Classes

Manners classes are held multiple days and times per week so that you can find a class to fit your schedule.  You may start as soon as there is an opening in the day that works for you.



  1. Click below to sign up for virtual orientation
  2. Watch the appropriate videos to learn a few behaviors to teach your dog until you can get started in class.
  3. Start in a Level 1 or Puppy class as there is room.


Puppy Manners - Get your puppy started right! Basic manners and help with puppy issues.  Puppies from 8 to 20 weeks.  

Manners Level 1  - Basic manners, crate training, go to place and leash walking are emphasized.

Manners Level 2 - Builds on behaviors from Level 1 such as walking on a loose leash, coming when called and self-control behaviors. Working through distractions and attention to the owner is worked on in each class.

Manners Level 3 - Your dog is further challenged with increasing distractions and real life situations. Goals for this class include ability to perform behaviors in a variety of circumstances.


$100 for 6 weeks

$150 for 6 weeks - 1 in person class and 1 online class


Manners Class Schedule


6 pm Puppy


6 pm Level 2 

7 pm Level 1

8 pm Level 3


7 pm Level 1


6 pm Level 1 

7 pm Level 3 

8 pm Level 2 

 We accept cash, check, PayPal or Venmo 


For class availability and registration, click below