Why Dog Sports?

 Participating in dog sports is great way to exercise both you and your dog mentally and physically.  Additionally, there is no better way to build a lasting bond with your dog.  Whether you want to compete or just want to get the benefits, we offer classes in many different areas.  

All classes are on a 6 week schedule.   $130 

Dog Agility

 We offer classes from Foundation for Agility through Master Handling classes.  All classes are taught by instructors with multiple years of experience in agility.  Prerequisite for Foundation class is completion of Level 3 or equivalent.  

 There are no Foundation/Beginning agility classes available and none planned for the near future.  Spots in higher level classes occasionally available.  

Competition Obedience

 Experience the feeling of being in perfect harmony with your dog.  All aspects are taught in a positive manner that doesn't change your relationship with your dog.  Fun with heeling, shaped retrieve, motivational jumping as well as getting your dog ring ready are included. Prerequisite - completion of Manners Level 3 or permission from instructor. 

Rally Obedience

 Rally is designed to build on the behaviors taught in the Manners classes, combining them into the behaviors required for Rally coursework.  Both AKC and WCRL signs are utilized.  Classes will consist of 1-2 courses and review of individual signs.  Prerequisite - completion of Manners Level 3 or permission from instructor.   

K9 Nose Work

 K9 Nose Work is a fun activity for dogs of all ages, sizes and abilities.  Whether your dog is a pet, retired or an up and coming performance dog, shy, reactive, or has other issues that prevent him from attending other dog classes, if your dog has a nose, he can play!  There are no prerequisites. 


The sport of tracking harnesses the dog's natural ability to use its nose to follow the scent of one particular person (the tracklayer) over various types of terrain.   If your dog loves to use his nose and you like to be outside, tracking is for you!  There are no prerequisites. 

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